Andree Consulting Group provides individual, team, and group coaching services for executives and professionals at all stages of their career. Our strategic coaching combines strategy and creativity, with a hefty dose of accountability…. and a lot of fun. We’ll dig right in, help chart your course, and implement innovative strategies to ensure you shatter your goals.

Our private coaching programs are customized for:

Insurance and financial professionals

who already have well established businesses, and are looking to significantly grow the practice. With a long history in the financial arena, this is our sweet spot. We take financial practices & scale them to unprecedented levels of success.

Successful women who lead hectic lives

and have a lot of demands on their time. These ambitious women are contributing at a high level to various industries, yet want to tame the chaos & make their actions more meaningful, so they can lead more fulfilled lives.

Established business owners

looking to dig deep into their business plan: Is the plan still relevant? Are they executing on the plan? Do they have the right team in place and are all team members growing & moving in the right direction? We help this group implement new strategies to help the business grow even further.

Corporate executives

who have departments or teams of people they are responsible for & certain revenue targets for those departments. We help them determine how to tighten things up, where they need to focus their time & who they need to develop. We then implement customized strategies to move them from their current state to the next level.

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