7 Schedule Secrets of Successful People

7 Schedule Secrets of Successful People

CEO’s, business owners, creative types, and parents alike have one thing in common. The are all trying to squeeze a lot into a 24-hour day.

In coaching busy professionals to create greater efficiencies in their lives & businesses (while also growing revenue), there are a number of schedule hacks we recommend our clients follow. Here are the secrets of our must successful (& productive) clients:

They work in minutes, not hours

Meetings and the associated tasks and to do’s that come with them rarely take a full hour. Why then, do so many people block an hour on their calendars for them. If you can accomplish your staff meeting in 30 minutes, instead of an hour, do so. If you have five free minutes, use them to knock something off your list. Ten free minutes allows plenty of time to make phone calls or send emails. Think in terms of how many free minutes you have and make the most of them.

They make efficient use of the “white space” on their calendar

Making the most of those free minutes is easier to tackle when you look at what I refer to as the “white space” on your calendar. How much down time do you have between clients meetings or board meetings? How many minutes in your day can you use as you will? Understanding exactly how much time you have to get things done each day makes you much more likely to be efficient with that time.

“Posting & Planning” at the end of each day is key

Take time at the end of each day (I do mine each evening once the kids are in bed) to recap and take stock of what you accomplished during the day, as well as to plan for the following day by outlining the tasks and to dos you have on your plate. Next, assess the “white space” in your calendar for the following day and slot your tasks in there. The goal is to know ahead of time what you will tackle during your free minutes. Sure, the unexpected will still throw a wrench in your day from time to time, and you’ll have to course correct. Yet, on most days, knowing ahead of time what tasks you will complete and what items you will check off your list will save you from staring at the computer (or at your to do list) wondering “What should I tackle first?” It is efficiency at its finest.

They keep everything in one place

If your goal is to be productive, you must rid yourself of multiple to do lists and hoards of Post-It notes covering every available surface. Our most productive and successful clients keep track of their tasks and projects in one central place (whether that place be a computer, a journal or a notebook). Having all of your thoughts, projects and tasks in a singular location helps cut down on time spent flip-flopping between tasks.

They realize they can’t do it alone

Every successful person knows their success is in no way a singular effort. It took a team to get them there, and it takes a team to get them through the sometimes long days and weeks. Successful, productive people take stock of the help they need & the items they need to outsource, and then build solid teams (personally and professionally) to share the load. In doing so, they can focus their time and efforts on their areas of strength and on the things that best help them and their company grow.

They take time to relax and recharge

All work an no play makes Johnny a dull boy! We all know this, yet very few busy professionals work to create a structure and a routine that allows time for them to recharge. Successful individuals ensure there is downtime to relax, to have a little fun, and above all, to surround themselves with people that energize them – business and personal.

They realize there is no right or wrong time of day when it comes to when to work

Successful people know that the best time to work is when inspiration strikes. You and you alone know when that is — the hour when you have more energy and are most productive. Make the most of those hours. Whether it’s the crack of dawn, or burning the midnight oil, let your internal clock be your guide.

As a single mom of three, who runs a company and still manages to squeeze in plenty of “me time,” I cannot stress enough how these strategies have worked wonders for my productivity — while leaving plenty of time for this busy mom to have a lot of fun along the way. I look forward to hearing how they work for you.

Cheers to your success!

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