5 people to rid yourself of in 2018

5 people to rid yourself of in 2018

We did it! We made it to 2018. I, myself, almost didn’t survive past January 1st with the heart attack the Georgia Bulldogs about gave me in yesterday’s Rose Bowl. Yet, they persevered and are heading to next week’s National Championship! #GoDawgs

If the Dawgs can pull off a record-setting, come from behind victory, then you, my friend, can most certainly make some epic strides in 2018.

Are you ready to commit to making 2018 a year of successes and positivity? A year full of good energy, great people and hefty doses of creativity. In order to do so, here are five people you need to distance yourself from to ensure 2018 is your best year yet:

The energy zapper

You know who they are – spreading negativity every chance they get. SNL’s Debbie Downer was a funny skit. After a while, it even helped us began to notice the Debbie Downers in our own lives.

Who in your world is always in a bad mood? Who sucks the energy out of the room as soon as they walk in? Run – don’t walk – from these people. There is no room in your life for energy zappers if you want to lead a life of abundance.

The critic

We all need people in our lives we can count on to always tell us the truth. The ones who challenge us when we step out of line, and who give us open & honest feedback. These people are a must.

The ones to rid yourself of are those in your life who are continual critics. The people who constantly judge and look down on you. No one needs that. Do yourself a favor and say adios to the haters (they can watch your success from afar!).

The time waster

To reach the levels of success you are capable of, you must be on a mission. Your focus should be on the people, things and activities moving you in the direction of your goals. If they aren’t, then it’s time to reevaluate.

Take a look at the people with whom you spend your time. You only get 525,600 minutes this year (Rent reference….total Broadway junkie here!). Do you have anyone in your life causing you to waste those minutes?

The victim

We’ve all got ‘em. The person in our lives who blames everyone else for their misfortune, and who takes no responsibility for the state of their lives. Eventually, the blame game rubs off….don’t let it rub off on you.

These “victims” lead very stagnant lives – rarely achieving their goals, and quite honestly, usually not even striving for them. Do yourself a favor and create some distance. You can’t rescue this type – they have to rescue themselves, so stop trying!

The aloof one

Can you pick out the aloof one in your life? The friend (or friends) you care about way more than they care about you. You continually pour into them in hopes that someday they will pour back into you just as much.

If you have people in your life who simply don’t seem to care, or who only pretend to care (often when it serves a purpose for them), understand that you deserve so much more. Do yourself a favor in 2018 and let them go.

It’s not your job to fix everyone. It’s not your responsibility to keep people around who aren’t adding value to your life. Let 2018 be a powerhouse year for you. Surround yourself with WINNERS this year. And, let those you choose to keep in your circle be the ones there to celebrate your successes.

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