5 Steps to a stress free year-end

5 Steps to a stress free year-end

Here you are….crawling to the end of the holiday seasons, or for many of you, dragging your way to year end. Waiting for the “Happy New Year!” cheer to ring out & somehow rescue you from this hell of a month you find yourself in!

Let’s face it, December is a stressful month. I’ve heard it from virtually all my private coaching clients and from friends and colleagues alike! Pushing for end-of-year goals, wrapping up loose ends on work projects, and putting in extra hours so you can take a few days off without feeling buried. Not to mention holiday shopping, holiday parties, that damn Elf on a Shelf, and for many of you, extended time with family members that get on your last nerve!

Here are a few tips to make it through the tail end of the year:

Stop wasting time

I operate via to do lists and time blocking. Each evening, I review my task and to do list and take a peek at the following day’s calendar. I then slot my to do’s into the available “white space” in my day. This lets me know exactly what to tackle during any down time, and keeps me from wasting value minutes and hours trying to figure out what to do next.

You’ll be shocked how much you get done in a day with this renewed and strategic focus.

Quit saying yes when you really mean no

Often, we go way overboard trying to please everyone but ourselves during the holidays. We go on marathon shopping trips, bake, send out holiday cards to folks we haven’t seen in decades, and attend parties given by people we don’t even like!

Take care of yourself by saying “No!” to some of these things. Try it once this month….maybe more. Then carry this trait with you into the new year. I assure you, you’ll feel the stress begin to melt away with the very first no!

Just breathe

Take time each day to STOP….completely stop all that you are doing and take a breather. No to do list, no phone calls, no spouse or kids calling after you.

Give yourself 10 minutes alone to relax, breathe and calm the chaos. This will help decrease the feelings of stress and anxiety that hit this time of year.

Cut back on caffeine…..nah – just joking!

I read an article lately that tried to convince me that cutting back on caffeine may actually improve my energy and my mood. While I am sure there is a wealth of scientific information to support this, I am not buying it. I am a single mom with three kids and a thriving business….my life runs on caffeine! I am not about to change that up now.

Friends, I say go for it….grab that Starbucks double shot, pound an energy drink…..let’s caffeinate ourselves through to 2018.

Be grateful

Often when the number of things on our plate seems bigger than the plate itself, we stress out. We focus on the the “HAVE TO’s” instead of giving thanks for the “GET TO’s.” I have heard no less than five stories this week of friends and family of clients (& of mine) battling cancer, suffering a miscarriage, burying a child — it’s gut wrenching!

Keep things in perspective. You “GET TO” buy presents, and visit family, and brave the crowds at the airport to take that trip you’re been looking forward to. It’s all a choice….be grateful for the opportunity to have those choices!

Keep these tips in mind as you wrap up these final weeks of the year.

A little hint…..they work the rest of the year too!

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