What Miley Cyrus taught me about business

What Miley Cyrus taught me about business

On a recent Friday night at our home, my daughters and I decided to watch yet another Disney movie (the curse of parents with young children everywhere!). This time we decided on The Hannah Montana movie — one we had not seen in a while, yet not surprisingly, seemed to recall every – single – line!

When the end of the movie came, I was reminded of the power and inspiration behind one of the closing songs. I could not help but find myself singing (much to the kids dismay), and feeling a great since of motivation. It’s funny how, sometimes, motivation around our business comes from the strangest places.

As most business owners do, I often find myself focusing so much on the end goal — or on where the business is going that I forget to stop and celebrate the little successes along the way. And, even to celebrate the challenges that ultimately led me to where I am now. After all, it is the little victories that keep us motivated to persevere, and the sometimes frustrating, yet much needed, course corrections that keep us moving towards ultimate success.

While Miley didn’t write the song (credit for that goes to songwriters Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe), she did belt them out — so, whether you love her or hate her (while I am personally not a twerking fan, and think she could use a little more — as we say in the south – “home trainin’” – I’ve gotta admit, the girl does have talent!), I hope you will take a minute to listen to the song.

Here are the lyrics (via Google):

REMEMBER: In business, and in life, challenges will always come our way — and, some of them are going to feel like mountains. Through it all — keep the faith, keep moving, and be sure you take time to enjoy “the climb!”

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