Top apps to boost financial advisors’ social media efforts

Top apps to boost financial advisors’ social media efforts

In a prior post, I covered the basic apps advisors should be using to ensure their social media efforts don’t slow down when on the move (Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook Pages Manager, LinkedIn and Now, it’s time to take it up a level. Here are a few additional mobile apps to help make the most out of your social media efforts, and to save some of your, already limited, time:

LinkedIn Connected

While we would welcome the opportunity to see each of our clients face-to-face to congratulate them on that big promotion, or wish them a happy birthday, that isn’t always feasible. Further, with millions of comments and posts crossing our LinkedIn news feeds daily, it is virtually impossible to keep up with who has done what. The LinkedIn Connected app gives you timely, relevant reasons to reach out to your connections. It informs you of which connections who are having birthdays, celebrating work anniversaries, or who have recently changed jobs or been promoted (just think….client engagement AND rollover opportunities all in one place). It also allows you to send a quick congratulatory note right from the app. This has proven to be extremely time efficient, and a very easy, yet genuine way to reach out to clients, prospects and centers-of-influence.
You can also sync the app with your calendar, allowing you to receive relevant & timely push notifications right before your meeting with a connection — this will ensure you have information on any relevant or recent changes with your contact, just in time for your meeting.


Like may of my advisor clients, I seem to have my iPhone practically glued to me at all times — as it tends to be where I view the majority of the information and research I want to share with my clients. Since I am frequently on the go, I often come across an article whose title catches my eye, or stumble across a good website, that I simply don’t have time to peruse. In those instances, Evernote functions as my virtual filing cabinet, storing pieces of content I want to reference later. A number of my advisor clients have also found it to be an excellent place to store interesting articles or websites they come across. Later, when they are back in their office and have a bit of downtime, they then have the information right at their fingertips, and can take time to review it in greater detail – using relevant pieces as posts on their social media sites.


This cloud service allows you to save and store files, which can then be accessed from any device. While it is excellent for all type of files, I have found a unique application for social media. I created two files on the site, which I use often for social media posts: 1. Photos/Stock Photos, and 2. Quotes and Motivation. It has been widely proven that posts containing a picture generate more views and garner more engagement that posts without one. When I am on the go, Dropbox allows me to easily select a picture that is applicable to my post and attach it. I also frequently post quotes with either a branded company background, or a picturesque background. Dropbox is also an excellent place to store pictures of your office, or of client events, allowing them to easily be uploaded to your social media sites. “Happy birthday” images posted to a connection’s wall, or sent to them via text message have also proven to get tremendous positive response. (Note: if you chose to use stock photos, check to ensure they are royalty-free and are ones you are allowed to utilize).

Skype or FaceTime

These tried and true apps are excellent ways to garner some (virtual) face time with clients. There is no need to pop across town or across the country to wish a happy birthday or to say a quick congratulations, when you can easily do it from your mobile device. With your top clients and the ones with whom you have a closer relationship, this extra face-to-face touch base has proven to be worth it weight in gold.

Additionally, a number of our advisor clients are using Skype or GoToMeeting with great success to conduct their client meetings (with their compliance department’s approval, of course). There seems to be something about your clients seeing your face that works to solidify the relationship.

Give these apps a try. Not only will you have thankful and more engaged clients, you may also save yourself a little time in the process.

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