To Flip or Not To Flip…..enough already!!!

To Flip or Not To Flip…..enough already!!!

In today’s highly charged political arena, I have the (mis)fortune to live in Georgia’s highly contested 6th Congressional District…..and TODAY is election day. For those of you who do not live in this district, you have the good fortune of avoiding solicitors (for both candidates) calling you, and knocking on your door – day after day, at all hours – trying to convince you to vote for their candidate. You have, mercifully, avoided every commercial break being full of commercials bashing one of the candidates, and have managed to keep your mailbox being free of the hate mail disparaging one of the candidates that has littered my mailbox of late. It has truly gotten out of hand.

This beckons the question…..why do some become intently focused on tearing others down, instead of showing THEIR own strengths and attributes. As a relative newcomer to the district, I was not overly familiar with the work or the stances of either candidate, so to make an informed decision, I set out to do a little research. No joke, 90% of the information I found online & in print was one of the candidates (or their cronies) trash-talking the other. I found a relatively small percentage of information on their stances or beliefs. Like many, I consider myself politically split….socially liberal, fiscally conservative…..and, rely on objective, factual information (plus a whole ‘lotta gut feel) to make my decision. When a candidate (or a business professional for that matter) seeks to instead tear others down, my bullshit meter goes off like crazy!

Whether you are a politician or a businessperson, here is what I want to know:

Do your values and beliefs match mine?
How can you be a resource to me, my business or my family?
Do you have the experience to get the job done?
Guess what…..I don’t need you talking trash about your competition to convince me of your worth! It will have the adverse effect on me.

In politics and in business, let’s all work to stand on our own credentials? Tell me what YOU can do for me — not what you opponent can’t. Tell me YOUR beliefs and YOUR attributes — not what your competitor lacks.

Wouldn’t that make business and politics so much easier?

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