Let’s get a little Cheezy!

Let’s get a little Cheezy!

I’ll admit it, I have a tendency to be somewhat of a realist. I poke holes in things, look for better, more efficient ways, and am never quite satisfied with someone or something simply being “good”…..I want “GREAT!” While this helps me excel at coaching clients to grow their businesses, it can cause me to not always stop & smell the roses. With the hectic pace of life (I’m a single mom of three, competitive athlete & run a business)….my schedule often feels like a bit of a logistical nightmare!

While I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt who the people and things are in my life that allow me to slow down & really feel ALIVE, I freely admit I don’t consciously make time for them as often as I should. I mean hell, who has the time, right? …..WRONG!

As a self-professed overly-anal, uber organized Virgo, I get things done: I time block, I get my “To Do’s” checked off the list each day, and I spend time with family & friends. Yet, last night — at a party for my daughter’s church small group — it smacked me in the face that I am not doing all that I can. I am not making enough time to ENGAGE with my people…..I am not always recognizing the JOY brought to me by my tribe, and by the experiences I am fortunate enough to have.

In recent years, I have made a conscious effort to avoid “energy-zappers,” whether they be people or things, personal or professional, and to not allow that negativity to affect me. If it doesn’t put a smile on my face, or bring me closer to my goals, I said “No!” or “See ya later!” And believe me…..that is definitely a learned trait! Yet, that alone isn’t enough. It is time to hone in on the opposite end of the spectrum. To focus less on logistics and more on creating JOY! To build & deepen relationships with the people who always put a smile on my face & make me laugh — the people, as my daughter puts it, I can “cheeze” with! And, I thank my teenage daughter & her friends for that reminder! This picture was taken of my daughter & one of her “besties” last night. There was no joke cracked, no one got tossed in the pool…..it was simply the joy of being together!

I don’t know about you, but I want more of that in my personal AND professional life!

Here is my challenge to each of you — make time for the people who put that kind of smile on your face. Visit the places that calm you & nourish your spirit. Do the things that set your soul on fire!! Just because we’re grown-up, doesn’t mean we have to take everything so seriously! Will you join me in finding your joy?

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